Bulletin: [5 August 2009]

By popular demand, the Zeitgeist Room is now closed.

We are temporarily archiving this project. The Editor was unable to cope with the amount of comments this section was receiving. It was not the fact of too many comments being the problem; it was the fact that there were no comments. Being totally disillusioned and disheartened, he did the honourable thing – He got drunk.

Zeitgeist Archive: [5 August 2009]

Who are we kidding, at Passport to Pimlico? The zeitgeist: The spirit of the age? We stated, in an earlier post trumpeting the arrival of this section that it would be considering the hottest Palm Court Orchestras and the trendiest Lyons Tea Rooms around. This was all said with tongue firmly in cheek. Then we thought why not? We don’t really care who is facebooking, tweeting, twittering, warbling or whatever the true purveyors of the zeitgeist do.

Personally, I am far too young to remember a time when telephones were so few in number it was possible to answer by saying “Hello, Pimlico 236”. I can’t help having nostalgia for things I have never known.

Anyway, if the sight of The Return of Dr X makes you want to curl up on the sofa and watch?

Zeitgeist 01

Or, if the notion of trying to hide by wearing a lampshade on your head makes you laugh?

Zeitgeist 02

Or, the buffoonery of gentleman such as these is a constant source of amusement?

Zeitgeist 03

Or, you cannot help laughing at anything involving a Klaxon air horn? Then this section might make you smile.

Keep calling back…


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