About the Author

Stefan III of Bordeaux



There’s not much in the way of a profile here. However, I will impart a little information that might be of interest to either HM Revenue & Customs or my psychiatrist…

  • My favourite stroll is from Pimlico Gardens to Pimlico Racecourse
  • My favourite meal is Escalopes of veal Tsar Nicholas II with chips
  • My favourite tipple is Pommery Grand Cru Champagne 1989
  • My weapon of choice is a whittled parsnip
  • My Great, Great, Great Grandfather invented the question mark
  • My Great Uncle Howard coined the phrase “Pardon my French


I am subject to the following restrictions:

Banned from three tea rooms in Cornwall

Banned from keeping chickens anywhere

I am not allowed to wear trousers in the county of Leicestershire

Apart from the restrictions, I am allowed to do most things unsupervised.

Please feel free to Electronic Mail me or leave a comment in the space provided below…




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